Abdi İbrahim, Turkish pharmaceutical industry leader, was founded in 1912 in Küçükmustafapaşa, Istanbul at a small pharmacy, by Pharmacist Abdi İbrahim Bey who had started the “healing” journey. Abdi İbrahim has the largest product portfolio in the sector, exceeding 180 brands and more than 350 products by developing its own products as well as working with 30 licensors. 

Abdi İbrahim’s product range includes antianemic, antibacterial/antiviral, dermatology, endocrine, metabolism, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, NSAI and myorelaxants, ophthalmology, central nervous system, respiratory and urogenital system products as well as food supplements, vitamins and minerals from 13 different therapeutic areas.

With a powerful vision, dynamic structure and contemporary outlook, Abdi İbrahim has been the leader of Turkey’s Pharmaceutical Industry since 2003. Today, Abdi İbrahim, which operates in 10 countries outside Turkey, exports to 50 countries ranging from Canada to European Union member states, from North Africa to Asia and creates the highest employment with nearly 4.000 qualified employees in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. The company also comes to the fore with its marketing and sales team, which is the largest in the industry.

Abdi İbrahim, having the first accredited R&D center in the industry, is a role model with its technological equipment and architecture as well as R&D processes in healing the future. 

Initiating “Rational Medicine Use Campaign” in its 100th anniversary, Abdi İbrahim aims to raise social awareness and achieve behavior change in the long term on unconscious medicine use, which has a high impact on public health and country economy.

In 2015, Abdi Ibrahim renovated the health museum in the Dar al-Shifa’, focusing on Ottoman medicine from the 15th to the 18th century, making the treasures of our medical history accessible to the public. Sultan Bayezid II Edirne Hospital Restoration Project has been awarded with 6 awards.

Abdi İbrahim has taken an important step by signing United Nations Global Principles Agreement in 2010 and given the opportunity to share high standards which it has acquired in the fields of human rights, as well as environmental and social responsibility. Besides, Abdi İbrahim has focused its activities on sustainability studies on level A of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and published its third Sustainability Report.

Maintaining its leading position in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry since 2003, Abdi İbrahim increases its effectiveness in international markets with each passing day, with the aim of "becoming one of the top 100 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world" apart from being a wholly local company, as per its vision for 2020.

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