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Production Facilities

Abdi İbrahim is providing leadership in today's world at new high-tech facilities in Esenyurt, Istanbul. Designed by Dante Benini, who is agreed to be the doyen of industrial buildings and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, they began operations in 2000. A $100 million-dollar investment was made in the facilities, which were built using the latest technology. Set up on an area of 87,000 m2, and operating on two shifts with an annual capacity of 350 million boxes, they are a model for the entire world. All production equipment used at the plant is state of the art and meets all GMP and GLP requirements. Abdi İbrahim manufactures pharmaceuticals of the highest caliber at this plant through the use of modern and environmentally friendly technology.

Abdi İbrahim has nearly 3,500 employees – 500, all of which proficient specialists, at the factory alone. Not only does Abdi İbrahim have the largest labor force, it has the most extensive marketing and sales staff in the sector.

Abdi İbrahim's diligence in maintaining occupational health and safety in work processes has earned it the OHSAS 18001 certificate. It also possesses the ISO 14001 certificate for its environmentally friendly operations. Our production facilities have been certified by the European Health Officials.

Of total production carried out at the Abdi İbrahim production facilities in 2010, in terms of boxes, 11.5% of solid forms and 34% of liquid and semi-solid forms consisted of products manufactured under subcontracting to leading world pharmaceutical companies.

Operations are continually being developed through technological investments and automation and are carried out employing production management system applications within closed systems, which increase traceability and efficiency.

High-speed production and packaging lines using the latest, world-class technology are used in the production and packaging divisions.

Production at the Abdi İbrahim Production Facilities consist of two main divisions.

Solid Manufacturing and Packaging Division

The following forms are made and packaged in the Solid Manufacturing and Packaging division:

  • Tablets
  • Film Tablets/ pills
  • Capsules
  • Powdered suspensions
  • Sachets

Liquid Manufacturing and Packaging Division

The following forms are made and packaged in the Liquid Manufacturing and Packaging division:

  • Syrups/Suspensions
  • Oral Drops
  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Creams, Pomades and Gels
  • Suppositories

BMS: All industrial equipment (e.g., air-conditioners, chillers, boilers, compressors and industrial gas distribution) are managed and controlled by the Building Management System. This automation system maintains production and comfort conditions at the plant.

Through the BIS, heat, moisture and pressure in the manufacturing areas are monitored and reported 24 hours a day.

Card pass system: used to maintain security and personnel data at the plant.

Advanced Planning: MPS, capacity planning, procurement and scheduling are done automatically but the ICRON system, through which our company's operations are regulated. Supply need planning and the work order system is governed by the ERP system in an integrated manner. Deviations from standards are monitored and reported. Capacity and supply planning during budgeting periods can be carried out on the basis of different scenarios.

Machine Monitoring System: Through the company's machine monitoring system, processing times can be monitored, reported and analyzed in terms of standard times and previous data on-line. Data for analyses to be conducted to raise machine efficiency are prepared and plant data can be provided.

Consists of six divisions:

  • Product
  • Raw material
  • Microbiology
  • Analytic Method Validation
  • Packaging Control
  • Technical Support

Quality Control Laboratories at Abdi İbrahim are located on an enclosed area of 1,872 m2. The tests conducted and all the operations carried out there comply with GLP requirements. All equipment used has the latest technology and meets the standards of international and local authorities.

Storage and retrieval of all data generated by analytic equipment are safely maintained.

WERUM: Through this system, weighing procedures are recorded electronically. This enables electronic batch reports to be produced. Scale calibrations and formula changes can be made and monitored electronically. Management of the weighing chambers is done using the Werum system in an integrated matter via the ERP system.

Abdi İbrahim's subcontractors are expected to have the various forms of production technology, and the state-of-the-art equipment having a wide range of capacity used by the company and are responsible for meeting its high standards of quality.

The company aims at sharing with acquired customers improvements obtained in collaboration with them.

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