Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report


Valued Shareholders, Dear Shareholders,

Abdi İbrahim, which has realized some significant advancement in line with our goals of being a global player and sustainable leadership, is a pioneer in the private sector with the activities that have been accomplished in the scope of social responsibility projects. In this context, it is with great honor and pride that I present to the public the Global Compact Third Communication on Progress which is an indication of our company’s decisive steps in the field of sustainability.

Since September 16, 2010 when we signed the UN Global Compact we have made significant progress in a wide variety of fields within the framework of the Global Compact from environmental standards to workforce applications. These efforts which we have been conducting in the scope of international standards have also provided opportunities for comparison and taking as an example in the category of “the best applications”, to the shareholders who are positioned in our area of impact.

In the year 2012 Abdi İbrahim has achieved successful financial and operational results which are a source of motivation for the sustainability efforts. The revenue of our company, which has been the sector leader in terms of box sales since 2003, for 2012 was realized at 804 million US Dollars. The 2012 export revenue of our company, which exports to over 30 countries starting with Turkey’s neighboring countries, reached 31 million US Dollars. Abdi İbrahim, the sector leader with a market share of 8% as of the end of 2012, has also continued successful work in R&D.

Having adopted the principle of supporting environmental sustainability work with the efficient use of resources, Abdi İbrahim implemented efficiency efforts which achieved a 16,880 m3 savings in water consumption in 2012 which is equivalent to the monthly consumption of 1,125 households or the yearly consumption of 93 households. Also by achieving a savings in electrical consumption equivalent to the electricity used yearly by 100 households the company has yet again shown its commitment to environmental sustainability and the efficient use of our resources in the presence of our shareholders.

In 2012 Abdi İbrahim has been the implementer of social responsibility projects that are worthy of its reputation. Our company, which started the construction of the Belma Barut Elementary school in 2012 following the Abdi İbrahim Elementary school presented to the Ministry of Education in 2007, will continue to be decisive on dedicating resources to improving the quality of education for the children who are our security for the future. The Bruno Health-Mobile project which we started in 2012 following the Rational Medicine Use Campaign we had implemented to raise awareness about informed medicine use, became an effort in which Turkey was made aware of nose health.

In addition to these efforts the Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibit, which we were extremely proud and pleased to present to art lovers in Istanbul and Ankara directly after its world premiere, became one of the most remarkable art events in the international culture and arts world in 2012. The exhibit, which corresponded to the way Abdi İbrahim conducts its business and reflected the company’s 100 year old perspective, was visited by a total of 215 thousand people in İstanbul and Ankara and resonated throughout the culture and arts community in our country.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of our shareholders who have dedicated their support to the sustainability work our company has undertaken within the framework of the UN Global Compact. We hope to share in the joy and pride of many more such achievements in line with our global goals in the term ahead of us.

Nezih Barut

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