Ready for the Future with AbdiBio: Turkey’s Largest Biotech Medicine Production Facility

For the last 106 years, we have been working with passion to heal the lives we touch, through our innovative products and services, and our courageous and pioneering initiatives.

We broke ground for AbdiBio, a $100-million investment, on 25th of June 2015 and opened on 11th of May 2018.

At Abdi İbrahim, our goal in establishing AbdiBio is to create a strong and expansive biotechnological product portfolio and to make a contribution to the Turkish pharmaceuticals industry in the form of a manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology. Other fundamental aspects of our AbdiBio strategy involve enhancing our organization with the best technologies being utilized by our business partners around the world, forming a pool of domestic knowledge through the transfer of international know-how, and creating long-term added value through a diverse range of innovative products.

Beyond establishing a facility equipped with world-class technologies, we will also make an important contribution to the industry and our country through AbdiBio, as we will bring in international experts to facilitate the transfer of expertise, and train new specialists in the field of biotechnology, an area that currently suffers from a lack of qualified human resource.

AbdiBio will produce biotech pharmaceuticals to replace traditional chemicals used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, conditions affecting the central nervous system, and ophthalmological and blood disorders, which are often unable to offer a complete cure and/or frequently have severe adverse effects associated with them. The facility, which will feature the highest technological standards in the world, will comprise all stages of production, from cell banks to the end product. AbdiBio will occupy a total closed area of 13,000 square meters, and will boast an annual production capacity of 11 million flagons, 9 million syringes, and 22 million cartridges.

AbdiBio will play a crucial role in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry in form of providing generics for a variety of imported biotech agents. This is a promising step for the future of our industry, which will also pave the way for exports of biotech pharmaceuticals to our operating regions in addition to marketing them in Turkey, and by doing so, create two-way added-value for reducing the current deficit by reducing imports while increasing exports.

Thanks to a wide portfolio of products we will produce at AbdiBio, we will also blaze a trail in the introduction of the concepts of Biotechnology and Biosimilars, new fields for Turkey and the world. 

Healing lives, 
Healing the future, 
That’s what we do.
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