Ceo's Message

Dear Stakeholders,

At Abdi İbrahim, we are proud to be the guiding enterprise of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a deeply ingrained mission of healing since 1912.

We strive to achieve our ambitious goals as we take pioneering and innovative leaps for our country and industry.

We are taking firm steps towards our vision of becoming one of the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies by 2025. Driven with resolution, we are striving to further Abdi İbrahim’s goal of becoming a powerful international player, while at the same time reinforcing our market leader position in Turkey, which we have occupied continuously since 2002.

With the realization of AbdiBio, our investment in biotech which we believe will make its mark in the world as well as Turkey’s future, Abdi İbrahim does not merely expect a see a positive development in its business outcomes, but believes that this major venture will also lead and greatly contribute to the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.

When our newly commenced investments come into service, we will have come one step closer to achieving our 2025 goals, and bolster our leading position in Turkish pharmaceutical industry with new areas of production.

With our production facility in Kazakhstan increasing its output with each passing day, and our production facility in Algeria coming into service, we started to see a strong return on our foreign investments, an area of focus in recent years.

As we take these steps, we are aware that the way to becoming an effective player in our industry lies in R&D capability. Our company allocates approximately 5.0 percent to R&D, well above sector average, while also making significant contributions to the development of qualified human resources for the industry. We are proud to serve under the Abdi İbrahim brand with 4.600 employees, 540 of whom serve in international markets. Qualified human resource is Abdi İbrahim’s greatest capital to take the company to the future; we are proud of it, and regard each and every employee as a voluntary ambassador in the efforts we undertake as part of our 2025 vision.

We are a company with a constant focus on corporate social responsibility. Our Rational Medicine Usage campaign is ongoing, and so are our efforts towards raising awareness among and guiding the public about informed use of medications. Meanwhile, Sultan Bayezid II Edirne Hospital Restoration Project achieved distinction as one of the most remarkable social responsibility projects in recent years. As part of the project, we collaborated with Trakya University with a view on contemporary museology while we undertook the efforts to “heal” the Edirne Dârüşşifa, an important center in the history of medicine. The museum uses a fictional narrative coupled with a modern concept as it shares with future generations the lesser-known aspects of our country’s history of medicine.

Abdi İbrahim is poised to take firm steps towards the future and contribute to Turkish economy, driven with its confidence that draws from its deep-rooted history of 108 years, its integral courage, its passion, and sense of responsibility.


Süha Taşpolatoğlu
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