Esenyurt Production Complex

With its cutting-edge production facility in Esenyurt, Istanbul, which became operational in 2000, Abdi İbrahim is the pioneering player of its era. Spreading across a 83,000 m2 site, the facility is designed by the acclaimed Dante Benini, who specializes in industrial buildings and pharmaceutical production facilities. A global role mode with an annual production capacity of 735 million units, the production facilities, which fulfill GMP and GLP requirements, utilize modern and environment-friendly technologies in production processes. These are continuously improved through investments in technology, as well as automation systems enhancing traceability and productivity.

The production facilities, inspected and accredited by Europe’s and the world’s leading pharmaceutical producers and authorities, are equipped with the most advanced high-speed production and packaging machinery. In addition to its own products, Abdi İbrahim also produces for many other national and international companies.

Abdi İbrahim’s production facilities, certified by European healthcare authorities, have obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems, OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety, and ISO 14001 certification for environmental awareness and environmentally friendly technologies.

Abdi İbrahim is taking solid steps on the way to becoming a global actor thanks to its strategic partnerships as well as four production facilities including AbdiBio, Turkey’s largest biotechnological pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, and its plants in Kazakhstan, Algeria and Turkey.

Solid Production & Packaging Department
Produces and packages the following forms of products:
• Tablet
• Film tablet,  
• Capsule 
• Effervescent
• Powder for suspension
• Powder

Semi Solid and Liquid Production & Packaging Department
Produces and packages the following forms of products:
• Syrup, suspension, oral rinse
• Oral drops
• Lotion
• Spray 
• Cream, pomade, gel
• Suppository

Quality Department
The department is made up of the following units:
• Product Control
• Raw Material and 
• Microbiology
• Analytic Method Validation
• Stability
• Packaging Control
• Technical Support

Operating in full compliance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) requirements, the Quality Control Laboratories carries out all tests using modern technology equipment in accordance with local and international directives. The storage and recovery of data obtained from all analytical equipment is ensured.

Electronic Equipment in Production Facilities

All processes of Abdi İbrahim’s Esenyurt Production Facilities are monitored with electronic control systems.

• SAP - All procurement, production are logistics operations are managed through SAP software.

• BYS (Building Management System) - Manages all HVAC and support systems. 

• BIS (Building Monitoring System) - Monitors and records critical quality parameters, e.g., temperature, humidity and pressure in production areas.

• CMX (Calibration Management) - Handles the follow-up, management and documenting of calibration procedures.  

• KEDI (Quality Document Inventory) - Indexes and reports quality training.

• 2D QR Code System – All products put out to market bear a QR code, allowing tracking of each individual product from the warehouse to the pharmacy, and to the user.

• WMS (Warehouse Management System) - Enables continuous stock and location tracking of all items stored in the automated warehouse, and automatic transfer of necessary material to the desired destination (e.g., production, quality control, shipping).

• PAS-WD (Computer Assisted Weighting System) - Integrates with SAP software to enable accurate weighing of raw material used in production.

• Qmex Quality Management System - Manages change, deviation, supplier evaluation, supplier audit, customer complaint, internal-external audit, pharmacovigilance and new product declarations.

• PROVIEW (Equipment Efficiency Measurement) - Enables continuous monitoring and retrospective reporting of operating performance of all production lines.

• ÇSG PRO (Environment, Health & Safety Information System) - Follows-up and documents Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety processes in software.

• IRONIC (Workplace Physician Information System) - Enables follow-up of employee medical checks through a software.

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