Our Business Ethics Principles

Ethical Principles

Dear Stakeholders, As Abdi İbrahim, we are passionately working on improve the lives we touch and the world through our innovative product and services, courageous and pioneering initiatives in order to sustain our leadership in Turkish pharmaceuticals sector since 2003 and to become a global brand.

We acknowledge that human health is our essential and top priority responsibility along the “healing” journey we started in 1912. This responsibility encourages us to do our job meticulously, fully, accurately and honestly and thus we always set the highest standards in parallel to this goal because we believe that the way we do business in the path to success is as important as our achievements, at the very least.

This approach led to documenting our ethical principles which we never compromise on while sustaining our stakeholders’ trust and respect in tomorrows. The Ethical Principles of Abdi İbrahim represents our commitment and loyalty to essential work principles and business ethics as a part of our corporate responsibility towards all our stakeholders. The Ethical Principles of Abdi İbrahim, which are the basis of values and principles that define us, function as a guideline for all of us. We would like to highlight that complying with these principles on all business processes is one of our foremost responsibilities. The Ethical Committee of our company shall support all our stakeholders about any content input.

We believe that Abdi İbrahim’s Ethical Principles based on our common values will always shed a light to our path in our battle to heal the life and world and thank all our valuable stakeholders for their support along the way.

Kind Regards,
  • Nezih Barut
    Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
  • Süha Taşpolatoğlu
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Our Business Ethics Principles

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