Environment Policy


In addition to the manufacture of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals, Abdi İbrahim Esenyurt plant also conducts R&D and quality control operations.

For all the operations of Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, continuous improvement, efficient use of natural resources, full compliance with legislation, prevention of pollution as well as reduction, separation, recycling and elimination of waste generated through its activities, preferably at the source, form the foundations of the company’s environmental policy.

Accordingly, Abdi İbrahim publicly declares its commitment to;

  • Organize training for its employees, suppliers and contractors in order to raise awareness about environmental protection,
  • Draw upon appropriate technologies for controlling and mitigating its potential environmental impact,
  • Keep up with legal and international regulations and customer requirements on the prevention of pollution, and continuously improve its environmental performance accordingly.
Environmental Management System

• Abdi İbrahim controls its environmental impact at every stage of its operations from procurement to marketing. Environmental production and sustainability are key priorities in all operations. The company makes use of environment-friendly materials are technologies. Waste is separated at the source.  The environmental aspect and impact of all production processes is kept under control, with emphasis on effective use of natural resources.

• The company ensures that the packaging of products it markets are recycled. All product packagings bear the green dot symbol, indicating that the material is recyclable.

• The company constantly organizes training courses to raise environmental awareness and ensure continuous development among its staff, as well as among its business partners.

• Abdi İbrahim holds all necessary legal permits, as well as the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.
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