Abdi Ibrahim Academy

All employees of Abdi İbrahim fall under the scope of the Academy with the motto of “everyone’s got talent at Abdi İbrahim”. 

Corporate Academy Programs

These are development programs featuring a variety of learning tools, tailored in the form of a process, and specifically targeting different target groups with a view to ensuring organizational strategic development through personal development. 

With My Family Orientation Program
Information and development oriented activities that aim to enhance newly recruited employees’ adaptation into the company in their first 90 days of work.
Technical Development Workshop
A three module, six month program for the technical team working at our production facilities and laboratories.
Pharma Mini MBA
A program that follows Specialists, working in Support Units, R&D and Technical Operations, through their career steps. 
Excellence in Service Workshop
Oriented for employees providing customer services on an individual basis, such as Assistants, Operation Support Specialists, and Administrative Affairs The workshop comprises five modules, and is completed in the course of six months.
Journey to the Top Training Program
A program that supports Medical Representatives through their entire career.
Leadership Development Program
A program aimed at AI Tower and Factory Managers. It involves three modules, and is completed in eight months.
Medico Marketing Institute
A program that aims to support Product Managers, Customer Managers and Medical Directors through their career.
Regional General Manager
A three module, one year program for Regional Offices.
Executive Learning Suit
For managers and higher-level employees.  It involves visionary speakers, in-class training courses and mentoring services.
Future Leader Candidates
A development journey designed to train talented employees, selected for their performance and potential by the Talent Management committees, into Future Leader Candidates. The two year program features a wide variety of development tools.

E-learning Platform

Abdi İbrahim Academy offers over 600 e-training courses to employees to take anytime they want through its web portal. In addition, it also offers e-training courses designed for a specific target audience. From the main page of the Academy, employees can view in-class and e-training courses they were assigned to, and select and watch the courses they want through a competency-based catalog. Through its game-like concept, employees earn badges and small gifts through a monitoring program that recognizes and support personal development.  

“The Bests” Practice

Employees complete competency-based and technical development programs, suggest books, read book summaries and comment on the courses provided to earn badges and small gifts. A monthly evaluation rewards the “Best” in each category. A variety of surprises awards await our employees as they progress through the development journey.

AIPEDIA: Corporate Library
Our corporate library, named Aipedia, provides access to around 500 sources in the English language. 
 It offers book summaries, pocketbooks, learning guides, infographics and a variety of educational tools to experience. In addition, the field team is able to access the Medical training for each product.

Foreign Language Development Programs
We offer foreign language training programs for employees who need to develop their foreign language due skills due to their job requirements or the country in which they are based. 

Online English Training
A flexible program employees can access via their tablet or PC and adapt to their needs. It is based on the employee’s level. All employees can apply for the program, which runs in six-month periods. Enrollment is based on vacancy and resources to ensure success. 
Talking Classes
Designed to support Turkish language training of British, French and expat employees, this program features 6-8 person classrooms. Each level takes six to eight months.   
English Presentation and Writing
We offer “Business Presentation” and “Business Writing” classroom training courses as part of certain Academy programs. 

Graduate Program Partners

We support employees who wish to study for a master’s degree through exclusive discounts from two universities we partner with. All graduate programs at Bahçeşehir and Bilgi universities offer discount rates of up to 50 percent.


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