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Opportunities for New Graduates

In its recruitment processes, Abdi İbrahim evaluates every candidate with a strong potential. In addition to the Young Talent Development Program, new graduates are mainly recruited as Medical Representatives, or to work in the R&D, Quality or Production functions. Candidates who have successfully completed the recruitment process get the opportunity for a career in various departments at Abdi İbrahim. At Abdi İbrahim Academy, new graduates find the chance to develop their competence at every field while working through a variety of training options catering to all levels. 

Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

Abdi İbrahim offers a wide range of career opportunities geared towards experienced professionals who wish to gain new experiences and further their career.  Through the program, which carries the motto of “Everyone’s Got Talent at Abdi İbrahim”, we aim to strike a balance with in-house talent development and recruitment.  Our goal is to fill 75% of management positions with in-house talents, and the remaining 25% through recruitment.  Our recruitment process is oriented towards talented candidates who will enrich the company, and bring new perspectives into the organization. Newly recruited colleagues are employed at a variety of departments and levels throughout the company, based on their potential that is evaluated through the “Potential Assessment” process, a component of Talent Management.   

Medical Representative Training Program

The Medical Representative Training Program is one of Abdi İbrahim’s recruitment processes that serve to develop new talents for the pharmaceutical industry.
Comprising selection, placement and training stages, the Medical Representative Training Program aims to share Abdi İbrahim’s deep-rooted experience and expertise in the sector to younger generations with a view to developing young, dynamic and passionate professionals in the sector.  

The program involves a multi-stage selection and evaluation process for new graduates with no experience in the pharmaceutical industry who wish to pursue a career as a Medical Representative. The process is initiated with candidate’s application to the Medical Representative job listing at the company, published on various career portals. All applications are evaluated, and candidates deemed to fulfill the basic requirements for the position are invited to undergo an Online Evaluation process. Applicants who successfully complete Online Evaluation undergo another, approximately half-day evaluation, composed of group and individual studies to determine whether they possess the competencies required to become a Medical Representative. Applicants who are successful at the evaluation are invited to the Abdi İbrahim Basic Training program where they receive occupational training for a period of seven weeks. After completing their training and orientation, candidates are employed as Medical Representatives in various healthcare areas within Abdi İbrahim Marketing & Sales Head Office.

Assistant Product Manager Candidate Training Program

The Assistant Product Manager Candidate Training Program aims to develop innovative and creative marketing professionals who are able to think strategically and have a marketing perspective.
The Assistant Product Manager Candidate Training Program is oriented towards newly graduated young talents with good command of English who wish to pursue a career in Marketing.  
As part of the program, candidates who succeed at selection and evaluation are employed as Medical Representatives for a period of around one year in order to gain field experience, as necessitated by the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry.

Applicants to the Assistant Product Manager are invited to take an Online Evaluation, Evaluation Center, and English Proficiency Exam, respectively.   The Evaluation Center involves group and individual studies to evaluate whether the candidate possesses the skills required to become an Assistant Product Manager, such as Customer Orientedness, Innovativeness, and Presentation Skills. Candidates who pass these stages are enrolled in the Basic Training program developed with the requirements of the Medical Representative position in mind. After successfully completing the training, candidates are employed to work in the field as Medical Representatives for a period of around one year. At the end of this period, they prepare a project on their assigned topic, and present it before the management. After delivering their presentation, candidates are appointed as Assistant Product Managers.

Assistant Product Manager Training Program 

Application for this position is open for all Medical Representatives working at Abdi İbrahim or another corporation who have a good command of the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and field experience. This program is oriented towards both newly graduated candidates and professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical industry, who are proficient in English and wish to pursue a career in Marketing. 

Candidates who successfully complete the selection process start their job as Assistant Product Managers as part of the marketing team. They are enrolled in a program that includes activities for both classroom and gaining experience, supported by mentors. This program, which takes at least one year, culminates in a work-in-process evaluation, upon which they can be appointed as Product Managers in charge of marketing of a particular medicine.  

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