One of the leading healthcare companies of the world Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical company Janssen has joined forces with Abdi Ibrahim as a strategic partner in the localization of its innovative portfolio. This collaboration is aimed at increasing Turkey’s local manufacturing capacity and competency and improving Turkey’s competitiveness in global markets. The project covers products used for the treatment of different types of cancers and rare diseases. 

Janssen has conducted clinical research investments worth approximately $40 million in Turkey in the last decade.  With 8 new projects initiated in 2017, it has become the 2nd company that initiated the highest number of new clinical studies in Turkey.

This partnership with Abdi Ibrahim will start with the localization of two products developed for the treatment of prostate cancer and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Afterwards, the localization process will continue with additional innovative cancer treatments. Upon completion of this first wave of localization, Janssen will have doubled its local manufacturing capacity.

The collaboration between the two companies has become official with the signature ceremony held on November 15, 2018.

At the signature ceremony, Janssen was represented by Janssen Emerging Markets Managing Director Luis Diaz Rubio and Janssen Turkey Managing Director Maria Fernanda Prado, and Abdi İbrahim was represented by CEO Süha Taşpolatoğlu.

‘We maintain our trust and our commitment to Turkey

Janssen Emerging Markets Managing Director Luis Diaz Rubio who spoke at the ceremony mentioned that Turkey has been an important country in the region with the progress it has made in the last decade and the treatment opportunities it has been offering to patients. "We are one of the leading companies in terms of R&D investment. We spend over 20% of our global annual revenue in R&D investments. In line with our strategy to deliver innovative medicines to those in need, Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical company Janssen has put over 16 new breakthrough medicines at the disposal of medical community since 2009."  

Stressing that Janssen is in collaboration with health authorities offering high quality and breakthrough therapies to those in need, Luis Diaz Rubio continued: “As one of the leading healthcare companies of the world, we have maintained our confidence and our commitment to Turkey with our investments and innovative treatments throughout the last 20 years. We are now taking further steps to support the relevant government policies aimed at addressing the healthcare needs of Turkish citizens. Our collaboration with Abdi İbrahim to localize the manufacturing of medicines in our innovative portfolio is a tangible step taken in that direction. We will reinforce our existing collaborations and continue to bring innovative treatments to Turkey. With these new treatments, we hope to change the course of the serious diseases affecting patients in Turkey".  

We’ll help increase Turkey’s competitiveness in global markets

Janssen Turkey Managing Director Maria Fernanda Prado commented on the localization policies in Turkey during her speech:  

“We have taken actions to increase Turkey's capacity and competency to produce medicines locally and to improve its competitiveness in the global market. Our focus in the localization process will be our innovative drugs that will reinforce Turkey's international competitive edge and improve patient outcomes in the treatment of oncological, hematological and rare diseases. We are very excited about this collaboration with Abdi İbrahim. It will enable us to manufacture medicines that aim to make a difference in the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a deadly rare disease and Prostate Cancer, the second most common cancer seen among men. I wish success to our partnership on this new journey."

‘We are one of the biggest advocates for the localization’

Talking on behalf of Turkey’s one of the leading pharmaceutical company, Abdi İbrahim CEO Süha Taşpolatoğlu also noted that they were one of the biggest advocates for the localization of pharmaceuticals and that they were acting with this responsibility in all of their ongoing investments as well as their existing ones. Stating that localization is an extremely important driving force for Turkey to become a global player in the pharmaceutical industry, Süha Taşpolatoğlu emphasized that, at Abdi İbrahim, they were proud to be the pioneer in its field in terms of both the conceptualization stage and implementation.

Pointing out that Abdi İbrahim provided manufacturing support to 20 international companies, Taşpolatoğlu said: “Having operated in the pharmaceutical industry for 106 years, Abdi İbrahim is committed to leading the way towards realizing its vision to support Turkey’s goal of becoming an effective player in the industry and contribute to our government’s pharmaceutical localization initiative with its technologically advanced facilities, strong human resource, know-how and R&D investments. With 2020 right around the corner, our goal is to form new alliances to expand our operations in the field of manufacturing services and become international companies’ manufacturing hub in Turkey. To this end, we continuously reinforce our manufacturing infrastructure and render our world-class standards to companies we cooperate with. We are working with the aim of being the best option for all our customers with our custom manufacturing environments. The manufacturing agreement we entered in with Johnson & Johnson today for value-added pharmaceuticals is a natural result of this effort and, therefore, it is extremely important for us. We consider this agreement as a first step of our long-term cooperation and we hope to further develop this cooperation in the coming period. In the following period, we will continue to develop similar partnerships with the mission of becoming the driving force for Turkey's growth targets.''


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