Abdi İbrahim Heals the Nature as well

Abdi İbrahim, working passionately to heal the lives it touches with innovative products and services and brave and pioneering initiatives, heals the nature at the same time. Abdi İbrahim, standing out with its environment friendly activities, has achieved a first and by winning the Green Dot Industry Award at the Green Dot Industry Awards Competition organized by the ÇEVKO Foundation, managed to become the first and the only pharmaceutical company to win this competition.

Abdi İbrahim, which has been healing the lives it touches for 105 years, also heals the nature. The company won the Green Dot Industry Award with the "Abdi İbrahim's Nature-Healer Waste Management System and Applications" project in Waste Management and Applications category at Green Dot Industry Awards Competition held for the third time this year between leading domestic and international companies of Turkey which use Green Dot brand and come to the fore with their contributions to sustainable life, by Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust (ÇEVKO).

At "Green Dot Industry Awards" which aims to announce to the public the exemplary activities carried out by increasing number of "Green Dot" members in Turkey going beyond their legal responsibilities on recovery and to promote other companies conducting similar activities, leading companies of Turkey and world have competed. At the award ceremony, on behalf of Abdi İbrahim, Abdi İbrahim Technical Operations Deputy Managing Director Altuğ Uysal and Abdi İbrahim Environment, Health and Safety Manager Fatma Yalçın received the award.

Altuğ Uysal, during the speech he delivered, said that Abdi İbrahim, while healing the lives it touched for 105 years, took great care to protect the environment and healed the nature while it conducted its activities. Altuğ thanked everyone contributing to their receipt of the award.

Fatma Yalçın, at her speech, expressed that Abdi İbrahim which continues its healing journey started in 1912 as the sector leader for 14 years, while carrying out its activities, considered the environment a heritage taken from future generations and acted accordingly. Yalçın said, "We prioritize protection of environment and efficient use of natural resources during all our processes. We develop and implement saving projects together with our employees. We use technologies which reduce wastage to null. With effective waste management, we are trying to manage our wastage as best as possible for environment and the future".

Yalçın, pointing out that although there has been a change of 1 percent at the production amounts in the years 2012-2015, recoverable waste was reduced by 32 percent and hazardous waste was reduced by 15 percent thanks to the effective waste management policies at Abdi İbrahim Production Facilities, said that, "By implementing the saving projects proposed by the employees thanks to their environment related trainings, there has been a total of 1,196,487 kwh power, 128,277 m3 natural gas, 46,572 m3 water savings, and that there has been a decrease of 1,956 kg of chemical usage, 951 kg of hazardous waste, 955 kg of plastic waste and 9,797 kg paper waste. With the water saving achieved, a month's worth of water need of 3,105 household and a year's worth of water need of 257 could be fulfilled; and with power saving activities, a year's worth of electricity need of a settlement of 1.000 people could be fulfilled. At waste water treatment facility, by using MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) technology, treatment sludge waste was reduced to zero and water quality was further improved by 50 percent".


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