The team of Abdi İbrahim, working passionately to heal the lives it touches with innovative products and services and brave and pioneering initiatives, run at Istanbul Marathon to heal the lives of children. Approximately 100 Abdi İbrahim employee partaking at the race contributed to "İçerde Çocuk Var" project initiated for education of children forced to be brought up with their mothers inside prisons by collecting donations.

Abdi İbrahim Healers Team is supporting İçerde Çocuk Var project launched for education of children forced to be brought up with their mothers in prisons. For this purpose, about 100 Abdi İbrahim employee ran after charity at Istanbul Marathon held on November 13th 2016. Abdi İbrahim, within this project, with the donations of 66.000 TRY collected until the marathon day, has ranked first among the companies running for "İçerde Çocuk Var" project and was among the 15 institutions which collected record amount of donations among other companies running for different NGOs under Step by Step Platform. These donations will become hope for Nursery Unit to be built at Adana Karataş Women's Closed Prison.

Abdi İbrahim team expressed their happiness for supporting such a meaningful project as "İçerde Çocuk Var" by partaking in Istanbul Marathon and said; "We are very happy to have ran for our future, the children, within the scope of Istanbul Marathon and to have been able to get the opportunity to be of help to them as much as we can. We wished to bring the spotlight on this project and to have a contribution at healing their lives in order to provide better conditions to our children who are forced to live together with their mothers in prisons. We hope that the steps we have taken here, today, at this marathon as adults would provide a better future for our children in prison".

İçerde Çocuk Var Project carried out under Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey proceeds by asserting that all children should have equal educational rights by shouting education and children. This project implemented for children whose mothers are convicts and who grow up in prisons, was created to improve the physical conditions of approximately 500 children, within Women Penal Institutions in Turkey, at educational areas.


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