Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut: 


Turkish pharmaceutics sector leader Abdi İbrahim, completed 2016 in accordance with its targets. Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut, speaking at the press conference where 2016 results and 2017 targets of Abdi İbrahim were announced, said, "As the company, we are aware of the period and sensitive points through which our country is passing. We are an established company that believes in the power of investment and employment. We know that the hardest times are overcome by always looking forward and by believing in Turkey more and by demonstrating more that we believe. Therefore, we will put our investor aspect forward more than ever in 2017.

On 15 July, we had made a promise of additional 300 employments by the end of 2016 and we have fulfilled this promise, furthermore we even exceeded this promise and recruited 475 employees between July and December. Together with 250 employees we recruited since the new year, the number of people recruited by Abdi İbrahim in last 7 months reached 725. We are pleased to have taken our place well in advance in employment mobilization".

Abdi İbrahim, which has been continuing its activities non-stop in order to heal the world and the future with its bold, leading and innovative works for 105 years, shared business results, investments and future period targets at the press conference it held at its Headquarters in Maslak. Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut , at the speech he delivered at the conference, said that Abdi İbrahim with 100 percent domestic capital, and which has a past of 105 years has been the market leader continuously since 2003 and carried on its investments towards being an international strong brand, and that the company progresses with determination towards its aim to be a lasting actor at foreign markets with the investment attacks it made in the last years.

“Since 15 July, we have provided additional employment to 725 persons, and will protect our leadership at employment in the sector with employment of 3.500 persons.”

Nezih Barut noted that Abdi İbrahim is a company which constantly develops on the way to healing continuing for generation after generation, which progresses with an aim of sustainable growth and which does not limit its success only to its country but instead increases its capability to conduct international business every day. Underlying that they are also the sector leader at employment, Barut said; “We, as Abdi İbrahim, also participate in the employment mobilization of Turkey from the bottom of our hearts and are proud and pleased to do our parts responsibly. We believe that we can pay our debts to these lands, where we were born, by providing more employment, making more investments and producing more. We have decided to employ additional 300 people after 15 July and concluded 2016 by increasing this number to 475.

We also provided employment to 250 persons in the period from 1 January until now. Therefore, we have provided additional employment of 725 persons since 15 July. We will increase this number to 400 by the end of 2017 and reach a total of 3.500 employees".

Barut, emphasizing that another issue on the agenda of their company was employment of women and continued: “36% of 3.100 employees of Abdi İbrahim, which is among the companies that are leading in the number of women employees and executives, in 9 countries where it is active is constituted of women. Women employee ratio in our top management staff is around 30%. In this regard, we are above the sector average. Our aim is to raise this level even further.

"We will allocate 150 million TRY to our investments in 2017 for a stronger Turkey"

Noting that Abdi İbrahim is among the most established industrial organizations in Turkey, Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut, said, "As the company, we are aware of the period and sensitive points through which our country is passing. We are an established company that believes in the power of investment. We know that the hardest times are overcome by always looking forward and by believing in Turkey more and by demonstrating more that we believe. Therefore, we will put our investor aspect forward more than ever in 2017. We would like to be exemplary at both our sector as well as business world". Barut stated that the 2017 investment budget of Abdi İbrahim was drawn out and that they will make a 150 million TRY worth of investments in the new year, and said, "Turkey has learned a lot from the misfortunes from which it recovered but still bears the traces. We should protect our self-values and investments now, more than ever. We will continue our investments in 2017 for a more powerful Turkey".

“We will expand our area of influence in both Turkey and international arena with our double-digit growth target”

Emphasizing that 2017 will be an important year when they will start to collect the fruit of their labor, Abdi İbrahim Chairman Nezih Barut: said; "Our investments pertaining to 5 growth areas we determined under 2020 Vision will continue. Reinforcing our leadership at existing products, providing new products, increasing the volume of production we carry out for different companies, further strengthening our brand in international markets and making use of new acquisition and merger opportunities which will contribute to our aim of being ranked among the 100 biggest pharmaceutics companies of the world by achieving sales number of 1 billion dollar which we determined in accordance with our 2020 Vision will be among the priority issues of our 2017 agenda. Operation of our production facilities in Kazakhstan at an effective output in accordance with our targets, start of production at our facility in Algeria and AbdiBio will be developments positively affecting our growth results in 2017. As result of these activities, we aim to conclude 2017 with a double-digit growth number just as we have in 2016".

"The upsetting events which occurred in Turkey in 2016 whipped our determination to work, and further increased our responsibility towards our country"

Barut stated that, in 2016, especially after fencing off the coup attempt on 15 July, with the investment experience of more than one hundred years as a one hundred percent domestic company, they have hit the button for more, and said, "In this period, Turkey came together. The upsetting events whipped our determination to work, and further increased our responsibility towards our country After 15 July, we came together with colleagues in the company. We calculated the amount which we can provide in advance and just after 15 July, we announced that we have moved our investments to earlier dates and that we would create additional employment. The amount of investments we made since then until the end of 2016 reached 40 Million TRY. We also fulfilled our employment promise by exceeding the promised number. As a powerful representative of business world, we would like to express our loyalty to these lands with our investment power which we consider the most important factor."

"We made a record increase on exports"

Noting that in 2016, they have achieved a significant success at the exports which they consider an important driving power of Turkey pharmaceutics industry for both future as well as present, Nezih Barut stated that Abdi İbrahim achieved a record increase of 92 percent at exports in 2016 compared to the previous year. He expressed that export revenue reached 150 Million TRY in 2016 and remarked that as of today, they have operations in 8 countries apart from Turkey, these being, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal and Iraq. Nezih Barut stated that, in addition, they make exports to 50 countries from Canada to European Union countries such as England and Germany, from North Africa to Asia countries, and continued by saying: "At our production complex, we have initiated actions for our Sterile Injectable Product Production Facility in 2016 even though start of these actions were scheduled for 2017 on our normal calendar. We will start production in 2017 at the production facility established in Algeria with an investment of 184 Million TRY. Together with this production facility, in 2020, we aim to be among the top 10 pharmaceutics companies of Algeria. In addition, we increased and continue to increase the capacity of our existing chemical pharmaceutics production factory. I would like to state with pride that the sum of our concluded and ongoing investments since 2000 equals 2 Billion 250 Million TRY".

"We are counting the days for production at our biotechnology facility"

Barut indicated that the results of 2016 accrued in accordance with the company expectations apart from the exchange rate activity experienced in the last quarter of the year, and expressed that they concluded the year with results in accordance with both domestic and foreign sale targets, and thus, they even exceeded the 20 percent growth obtained in 2015 and they leave a generally positive year behind. Barut said: "As Abdi İbrahim, which has been leader constantly at pharmaceutics sector in Turkey since 2003, we had a busy 2016 in terms of investment. Our factory in Kazakhstan, which equals 220 Million TRY investment, started its operations with 24 million box annual production capacity.

The construction of AbdiBio, our biotechnology production facility with 368 Million TRY investment and of which foundations we laid in 2015 is completed and we are making the last preparations for production. At AbdiBio, we will produce biotechnological medicine used for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, central nervous system, eye and blood diseases that cannot be completely cured with ordinary chemical medicine and/or with which severe side effects are often observed". Barut stated that there is an attempt to pull the qualified Turkish labor force working at various countries of the world to our country within the scope of AbdiBio which will be the biggest biotechnological pharmaceutics production facility of Turkey, and said, "Biotechnology is a new sector for Turkey. The important insufficiency in this sector is qualified labor force. We are aiming to be a gravitational center for qualified Turkish labor force at important positions at world pharmaceutics industry".




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