Business Development

The goal: To carry Abdi İbrahim into the future 

Abdi İbrahim’s aim is to incorporate products that will consolidate its position in prominent treatment areas in order to further its efforts on improving human health. 

The Business Development Unit has focused on developing and utilizing opportunities in in-licensing, co-marketing and production services in order to develop the company’s product portfolio.

At the same time, the Business Development Unit is also actively working on searching new areas of business, identifying new products for international markets, and assessing acquisition and partnership opportunities in line with Abdi İbrahim’s strategic vision for 2025.


The Business Development Unit is working towards the goal of quickly and successfully adding original and generic biotech products in international markets to the portfolio through; 

• studying and signing contracts for products through a finished product or technology business model,

• maintain communication with over 30 licensors Abdi İbrahim partners with in order to discuss new business opportunities,

• adding to the portfolio new products in growing treatment areas such as oncology, metabolism (osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity), immune system, ophthalmology, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and OTC. 

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Abdi İbrahim creates opportunities for mutual development of products that will add value to the company by working with domestic and international enterprises through various cooperation methods.

Production Services

Abdi İbrahim has been providing production services to the leading multinational companies in the industry for over 30 years.

Abdi İbrahim continues to be the preferred partner for production, not only for local production of foreign companies in Turkey, but also for their exports to the international markets. 

A preferred business partner …

• Long-term collaborations with high production standards
• A reliable business partner in terms of information security and IP rights
• Dedicated and experienced technical team
• Single contact point through Business Development 
• Timely and effective communications 

Having carried out a variety of collaborations on international platforms, Abdi İbrahim is set to enhance its existing production partnerships through increasing the business volumes of existing customers and adding new customers to its portfolio with its facilities in Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Istanbul.

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Abdi İbrahim Business Development Directorate

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