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Supplier Relations

Abdi İbrahim conducts procurement activities on three main areas: direct material, indirect material, and investment. These are planned in parallel with the company’s long- and short-term policies. Supplier selection and improvement of business processes are among the company’s top priorities in its procurement processes. Preferring firms that favor the establishment of long-term collaboration in its supplier selection, Abdi İbrahim places utmost importance to compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and ethics. The company bases its supplier contracts as well as control processes and procedures on the Labor Law No. 4857, and has currently 82 essential suppliers. In order to enhance bilateral business processes and to provide a long-term working environment, the company carries out improvement and development efforts with suppliers.

Dear Suppliers and Supplier Candidates,

We attach great value and importance to our domestic and international customers, and in our dealings with you, act within our Ethical Principles of honesty, fairness, openness and truth. At Abdi İbrahim, our operations are guided by the following universal principles:

• Quality 
• Saving
• Safety
• Ethics
• Protection of the society and environment

We have a commitment to both our customers, and the society that we are a part of.  We are also aware that you act within the following principles in your provision of material and services to us:

• Comply with all applicable national legislation, rules, and regulations,
• Act in accordance with the principle of integrity, 
• Treat employees with respect and dignity, 
• Establish a safe and healthy working environment,
• Avoid actions that may have an adverse effect on the environment.

These are our expectations from you, our valued business partners, 

• Quality
• Timely and complete service
• Compliance with legislation
• Corporate governance
• Continuous development

Our enduring goal is to establish a long-term business relationship based on common effort and principles, thus confronting the deep-rooted challenges brought about by today’s economy and globalization, discovering innovative and high-quality material and service solutions in the process. Each year we evaluate your compliance with the rules, identifying and sharing with you areas open to development, as well as any shortcomings.

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