Social Responsibility at Abdi Ibrahim

Fully aware of the fact that healthy and well-educated generations living in a healthy environment are as essential as innovative products for ensuring sustainable development, Abdi İbrahim regards social responsibility one of its integral functions. Based on the results of its Corporate Reputation and Perception Survey, the company has focused its activities in this area in separate categories, which are education, culture & arts, public health, and environment. 

For Abdi İbrahim, increasing public awareness on health and raising healthy generations are primary duties. Meanwhile, the company carries out activities to contribute to the structuring of education and developing the intellectual capital of the society.

Abdi İbrahim aims to establish a sustainable society through its social responsibility efforts. Accordingly, continuous improvement, efficient use of natural resources, full compliance with legislation, and reduction, separation, recycling and elimination of waste generated through its activities form the foundations of Abdi İbrahim’s environmental policy.

In 2010, Abdi İbrahim signed the UN Global Compact, thereby declaring its commitment to uphold its principles on labor, occupational health and safety, the fight against corruption, and the environment within its organization in a transparent manner. With a proven track record in sustainability, Abdi İbrahim’s goal of becoming a strong, international player has led the company to develop its “A-Class Sustainability Report”. Published every two years, the report details the company’s economic, social and environmental activities and initiatives.

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