In its 100th anniversary, Abdi İbrahim makes a meaningful call for public health and the Turkish economy:

Use Medicines Wisely!

Abdi İbrahim, the leader of Turkish pharmaceutical industry, launched a campaign to raise public awareness about irrational medicine use, an important matter for public health and the Turkish economy.

Started as part of Abdi İbrahim’s 100th anniversary initiatives, the “Rational Medicine Use” campaign draws attention to the necessity of using medicines in line with the dosage and time prescribed by the physician, and in consultation with the pharmacist.

Working continuously to heal the lives it touches, Abdi İbrahim launched the “Rational Medicine Use” campaign as part of its 100th anniversary initiatives. Originally commenced by WHO in 1985 and implemented in Turkey since 1992 by the Ministry of Health, the “Rational Medicine Use” is now brought forward by Abdi İbrahim as the company aims to help mitigate the impact of irrational medicine use on public health and the economy.
“Fiddle, rain, and daisy” are the stars of the TV and radio ads of the campaign. Aiming to be both thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time, the campaign describes people using medicines upon consulting their physician and pharmacist to be “as fit as a fiddle, right as rain, and fresh as a daisy”.

What is Rational Medicine Use?

The World Health Organization meeting of 1985 in Nairobi is regarded as the inception of the Rational Medicine Use efforts. The first efforts towards implementing the practice in Turkey were made in 1992 by the Ministry of Health.

Rational Medicine Use requires that patients receive medications appropriate for their clinical needs, with doses and times that meet their own requirements.

Aiming to promote public health and benefit Rational Medicine Use is based on, first and foremost, accurate diagnosis by the physician who prescribes the medicine.

Correspondingly, an effective and safe treatment is determined, whether involving medicines or not. If the treatment calls for medicine use, the physician then prescribes the appropriate medicine, dose and duration of administration, based on modern diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines. The physician who prescribes the drug, the pharmacist who supplies it, and the nurse or the patient who administers it are jointly responsible for ensuring "Rational Medicine Use".

Principles of Rational Medicine Use:
• Efficiency
• Safety
• Appropriateness
• Cost-effectiveness
• Basing use on accurate diagnosis
• Correct drug, correct dosage, correct duration, and correct method of delivery
• Evaluation of treatment effectiveness, its adverse effects, and patient compliance
• Conscious of drug interactions in multiple drug usage
• Taking into account the feasibility and cost of the prescribed treatment

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