Van Gogh Alive

The Van GoghAlive Digital Art Exhibition, brought to the audiences in Istanbul followed by Ankara as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, closed its doors.

Brought to the Turkish audience with the contributions of Abdi İbrahim, the Van GoghAlive Digital Art Exhibition, offered ‘an unforgettable experience’ of vibrant color, light, and sound. With 215,000 visitors during its tour, Van GoghAlive reached a wider audience in Turkey than anticipated, with 157,000 visitors in Istanbul and 58,000 in Ankara, before bidding farewell to Turkish art lovers at the Ankara Cern Modern.
The exhibition explored the work and life experiences of the renowned artist during 1880 to 1890 through his artwork characterized by vibrant colors and vivid detail. Synchronized to a powerful classical score through a rich surround sound system, more than 3,000 digital images of Van Gogh’s most celebrated works created a thrilling display that fills giant screens, walls, columns, ceilings and the floor, creating an unforgettable display that immersed visitors.

Brought to Turkey within the scope of 100th anniversary celebrations of Abdi İbrahim, which has been operating for 100 years with the mission of 'service to medicine and humanity', the Van GoghAlive exhibition offered art lovers of all ages an experience unlike that of any traditional museum.

Van GoghAlive also saw many colorful competitions and events in social media. Followers of Abdi İbrahim's Facebook and Twitter pages got the opportunity to win free tickets for the widely acclaimed exhibition, as well as follow up on the latest information about the event through Facebook and Twitter. Two four-week competitions and puzzles hosted on social media saw participants try to win exclusive rewards by finding the differences on Van Gogh’s best known works. The campaign was very well received, and reached a significant number of art enthusiasts.

A public reaction survey confirmed the success of the exhibition after its Istanbul leg. According to the results of the survey, 93% of participants said they liked the exhibition, while 94% said they would recommend the exhibition to others, and 99% commented that Abdi İbrahim should continue organizing such exhibitions in the future.

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