What is an Overactive Bladder (OAB)?

It is a  condition accompanied by feeling a sudden urge to urinate, frequent urination (more than 8 in a day), urination more than once at night and constant or occasional urinary incontinence in some patients.

What is the prevalence in society?

Contrary to popular belief, it is common in society. Males and females are affected in similar proportions . Studies suggest that the incidence rate is 5-20%. The prevalence of OAB increases with age.

Why is overactive bladder important?

The person frequently goes to the bathroom to avoid any trouble. S/he avoids long trips and journeys. S/he starts to wear loose-fitting and dark-colored clothes to conceal dripping/wetting marks. S/he might have to wear an underpad or a panty liner. S/he tries to restrict fluid intake to  avoid urinating . Sleep quality might deteriorate. In other words, OAB is a disease that disturbs the social, physical, psychological condition of the person lowering the quality of life.

How is overactive bladder diagnosed and which tests are being performed?

After taking your medical history and performing a physical examination, your physician might ask you to fill out some questionnaires and ask for additional examinations (blood and urine tests, ultrasonography, imaging examinations such as CAT scan, etc.) as well in order to exclude diseases with similar symptoms

What are the treatment methods for overactive bladder?

 underlying condition should be treated. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment approaches should be applied together.  It is recommended to restrict coffee-tea-alcohol consumption,avoid excessive fluid intake and perform certain related muscle exercises. If pharmacological treatment has started, considering that the effects of medication may occur late, it is vital to use medication in recommended dose and time span in order to get the best result. Additionally, when these recommended treatments are not effective, other pharmacological and interventional therapies might be applied.

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