About The Foundation

Our founders include Nesrin Barut Esirtgen, Nezih Barut, Ahmet Cenan Esirtgen, Ibrahim Barut, and Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals, and we operate in the fields of "Education, Sports, Healthcare, and Care Services" through the Abdi Ibrahim Foundation.

As the Abdi Ibrahim Foundation, our aim is to increase young people's interest in science, sports, and education, and to support their development as equipped and qualified individuals with contemporary and universal values and the fundamental principles of the Republic.


Objectives Of The Foundation Education:
  • To grant scholarships to academically successful students (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate degrees) who require financial support for their education in Turkey or abroad, and provide them with financial aids and/or contributions in kind to support their needs in terms of accommodation, food, books, stationary, etc.;
  • To meet the needs of educational institutions in order to increase the quality and capacity of education in our country and offer assistance for the modification, repair and physical strengthening of such institutions;
  • To carry out activities for the establishment of special departments in vocational high schools and chairs or faculties/departments in universities, especially to raise the intermediate labour force in fields of great importance for the future of the pharmaceutical industry, such as biotechnology, R&D and genetical engineering;
  • To provide financial or in-kind support, in accordance with conditions set by the foundation, to the research projects of the students who are/will be completing their master’s or postgraduate studies in Turkey or abroad in certain fields of education;
  • To organize training, publicity, information and volunteering activities for printed, visual and digital media, both in Turkey and abroad, to help increase the health literacy of the public, and to cooperate with patients’ organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, private sector, ministries and other public institutions and organizations to achieve such goals.
Health and Care Services:
  • To develop projects for the elderly, cancer patients and their relatives as well as the youth, and to establish health and care facilities, such as nursing homes, centres for the care of the disabled, rehabilitation centres and cancer homes in Turkey and abroad;
  • To become a leading organization in the fields of innovation and social innovation, supporting research in the field of health. To collaborate with universities, research institutions, scientists, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, ministries, other public institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad regarding the subject. To help with the implementation of projects regarding public health and health literacy by collaborating with national and international organizations;
  • To build Abdi İbrahim Vakfı İyilik Evleri (Abdi İbrahim Foundation Well-Being Houses), where children coming from Anatolian provinces to big cities for cancer treatment can stay together with their families;
  • To organize national or international competitions and invest in, buy, become a shareholder or cooperate with start-ups or ideas that are ranked in such competitions and/or chosen by the foundation in accordance with its objectives.
Support for Sports:
  • To provide a variety of support for our amateur and professional athletes who are successful in their relative fields to reach and maintain the highest levels and successfully represent our country in exclusive international organizations, such as the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships;
  • To cooperate with related clubs, federations and the Turkish Olympic Committee, and provide financial support accordingly,
  • To carry out modification, maintenance or repair works for the existing facilities in which these sports are being performed in Turkey, limited to the Olympic sports determined by the Turkish Olympic Committee.

Our IBAN number for your personal and corporate donations : TR11 0001 5001 5800 7314 0786 19
(Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O. / Esentepe Kurumsal Şb.) (Swift Kodu : TVBATR2A)