A Good Career

Talent Management

While preparing for its Vision 2020, Abdi İbrahim believes in the importance of working with a “good” team. We have defined our internal processes in our Talent Management project, initiated in January 2015 in order to attract the right talent to the company during recruitment, and retain, develop and ensure the sustainability of the existing talent with a forward-looking focus. 

As we progress towards our targets, we structure all corporate strategies in a long-term approach, and determine how our employees may individually contribute to these efforts. Our Talent Management process sets performance goals to evaluate and benchmark employee contribution and achievements throughout the year.  

Employees who display sustainable performance for a period of two years are evaluated in terms of their potential and performance.  Employees who are assessed as high potential by the committees become Future Leader Candidates. We contribute to the career journey of our Future Leader Candidates through an accelerated development plan.

“Glad to Have You!” Abdi İbrahim Recognition and Award Platform

As we do our job at Abdi İbrahim, we attach particular importance to respect to ourselves and our environment, self-development, supporting a culture of learning, and enhancing our work with our contribution and ideas. The “Glad to Have You!” recognition and award platform, launched in 2017, aims to share employee accomplishments across the organization, and promote the contribution of every employee. In addition, we support award-winning employees with badges and symbolic gifts. 

• TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF Awards: Occupational Health and Safety, Respect to the Environment
• DEVELOPMENT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Awards:  Personal Development, Development of Others
• BLESS YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION Awards: Innovative Ideas, Candidate Suggestions, Performance Continuity
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