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Discover The Industry Internship Platform

“Discover the Industry” Internship Platform, which is designed by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey, is structured to bring together all students and pharmaceutical companies who want to do their compulsory internship in the pharmaceutical industry.

As Abdi İbrahim, we conduct selection and evaluation processes through the “Discover the Industry” Internship Platform. For more information and / or to apply for an internship, please visit http://www.ieis.org.tr/ieis/tr/endustriyikesfet.

IKSIR Young Talent Development Program

İksir is a 9 to 12 month in-service training program aimed at undergraduate students at their final year, candidates who have graduated in the last two years, and graduate students. Program participants gain experience while spending at least three days a week with us. Throughout the program, our participants get the opportunity for follow-up and feedback through a special development program. At the end of the program, participants who wish to continue working at Abdi İbrahim and deemed eligible are offered a permanent position in our rapidly growing company. 

Campus at Abdi İbrahim, Abdi İbrahim at the Campus 

With our Campus at Abdi İbrahim program, we welcome students to our factories and head offices, offering a chance to chat with our managers, visit the production facilities, and tour the museum and exhibition areas at our offices for a productive and fun experience. 

Meanwhile, Abdi İbrahim at the Campus tells the story of Abdi İbrahim’s 104-year journey through case studies, sharing the company’s experience to students through sessions and practices that serve to enhance their own career journeys. As a company with employees in all provinces of Turkey, our aim is to establish a common campus activity plan in Turkey.  

Abdi İbrahim in Class

As part of the “Branded Courses”, developed in cooperation with Bahçeşehir University, we run two different undergraduate courses since 2013: “Project Management” with our Information Systems team, “Marketing in Limited Markets” with our Marketing and Medical team.  These courses allow us the opportunity to share our professional experiences with students, while our employees who work as educators in the courses express that they greatly benefit from the experience. 

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