A Good Life

Happy Birthday: You can find out about and celebrate the birthdays of your colleagues through a reminder system. In addition, if your birthday falls on a work day, you will be entitled to one day of leave of absence to celebrate your birthday to your heart’s content. 

Have a Good Day at School: The first day of school is usually a rough and hectic one for parents.  Employees with children in primary school are entitled to one day of leave of absence to be with their children and organize their first day of school. 

No Wage Deduction: There are times when we have to take a leave of over 30 days, due to childbirth or a medical condition. In these cases, you receive your paycheck from the Social Security Institution after the end of your medical leave. In the meantime, we pay our employees their wage in advance throughout their leave period in order to help them manage their cash flow. 

Health First: In collaboration with our business partners, we organize periodic examinations at our workplace for annual medical check ups.  In-house laboratories allow employees to have their simple medical examinations at the workplace on certain days of the week. 

The Good Always Wins: We allow our employees to take advantage of price advantages we receive from our contracts with business partners. These exclusive price offers mainly include fuel, clothing, and graduate program fees. 
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